December Analysis Update

December 2015

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Many companies are looking to complete their year-end analysis in preparation for 2016.

If you need last minute analysis bid information, consider filling out the following bid request form. This information will help speed up the process of getting you the analysis and price information you need for those last minutes analysis needs.

December has also historically been a time where rush analysis is needed. Midwest Laboratories offers rush analysis. If you need rush analysis, you are encouraged to call ahead and make proper arrangements to insure analysis can be performed in the time frame needed.

Midwest Laboratories announces a new enhancement to the FedEx Return Manager Program. With your Midwest Laboratories Account, you can now receive discounted sample pickup service from your location.

Looking for analysis pricing information, (Check out this Link to help find the information faster)

The end of the year is quickly approaching, as you make plans for analysis in 2016; make sure to get the answers you need by talking to one of our representatives today.
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Interpreting Soil Analysis ResultsGet a copy of this document and understand the information contained in your soil reports.

The FSMA, (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulations were released and Midwest Laboratories is working with clients regarding their FSMA Implementation Plans. If you have questions regarding this act, please talk to Jessica W. in Quality Control.

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  • Need Pricing and Analysis Information for a Special Project? – Please fill out this form and you will receive the information you need with respect to analysis and price.
  • Food Clients check out the most current newsletter –  Midwest Laboratories Food Laboratory Newsletter – Fall 2015
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