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Midwest Laboratories was built on a foundation of commitment and support for the agricultural industry, and we’ve grown substantially since 1975. Today, we provide analysis and recommendations for irrigation and water quality, fertilizers, soil, manure, fuel, biosolids, sludge, compost and more.

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Midwest Laboratories was built on the foundation of agricultural analysis. In 1975, we began our business by setting out to serve growers and agricultural retailers in the heartland by providing expedient and reliable results for their analytical needs. Today, we serve clients nationwide, analyzing soil, water, plants, manure, fertilizer and a variety of other sample types.

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We take very seriously the charge our clients entrust us with in measuring the health of the water they drink, the air they breathe and the soil they work with each day. That’s why we provide analytical services for clients from around the country.

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Animal Feed

Feed analysis is a necessity in the raising of commercial livestock. Ensuring the quality and safety of animal feed helps provide producers with peace of mind and increased profit. The country’s livestock producers depend on our reliable analysis to ensure their livestock is being provided high quality feed.

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Food & Ingredients

The journey your food takes from farm, through transportation and processing, storage and finally to your table, is long and complicated. The need for testing at each stage has never been greater. We excel in performing analyses to determine whether contaminants, such as Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli, are present so they don’t enter the food supply.

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Pet Food

Pet food analysis needs to be thorough, accurate and cost-effective. To serve our clients, we maintain one of the largest pet food laboratories in the country, utilizing established wet chemistry methodologies. In addition, we offer microbiological and antibiotic testing, as well as tests for melamine and other contaminant analyses. AAFCO compliant analysis is also available.

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We provide testing services for alternative fuel producers to assist with quality control, contamination concerns and residual analysis to meet ASTM Standards.

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Home & Small Business

This industry is quickly growing as homeowners, and small business owners look to make decisions based on information provided by scientific analysis. This area will continually be updated with the most current analysis affecting this industry.

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We’re dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources for all of your agriculture, environmental, animal feed, food and alternative fuel inquiries. These resources are reviewed and updated frequently.