Seal of Testing Assurance Test Package – Agriculture

Analysis Included

Phosphate (P2O5), Film plastic, Chloride, Carbon (total), Loss on ignition (OM), Nitrogen (total), Ammonium nitrogen (total), Cadmium (total), Germination, Nickel (total), Molybdenum (total), Mercury (total), Lead (total), Chromium (total), Germination vigor, Sieve (ret) 3-8 in. 9.25 mm, Conductivity 1:5 dilution, Salmonella, CO2 OM Evolution, CO2 Solids Evolution, Stability rating, % passing - 3" sieve (DW), % passing - 3/4" sieve (DW), Fecal coliforms, % passing - 1" sieve (DW), % passing - 1.5" sieve (DW), % passing - 1/4" sieve (DW), Sieve maximum particle length (Inches), Bulk density (packed), Boron (total), % passing - 5/8" sieve (DW), Sharps, Bulk density (loose), Selenium (total), Sulfur (total), Magnesium (total), Iron (total), Calcium (total), Sodium (total), Manganese (total), Arsenic (total), pH, Zinc (total), Copper (total), Ash, Glass fragments, Hard plastic, Metal fragments, Nitrate-nitrogen, Moisture, % passing - 2" sieve (DW), Potash (K2O)

Typical Turnaround Time

14 business days

Sampling Instructions

Sample at different depths and location within the pile to obtain a representative sample of the entire pile. Minimum amount of sample needed is 1 pound and can be collected into a gallon sized resealable plastic bag. Proper sampling instructions and STA submittal forms are found on the U.S. Compost Council's website.